About us

About us

We create your solutions

We are a team of passionate AI and CX Adepts working to create solutions to automate customer service and harness AI and NLU to better understand and serve customers.


Year we were founded





Our approach

Results oriented

DataSphera is incepted to help businesses satisfy and retain their customers, build engaged support and sales teams, and achieve the best performance.
DataSphera enables service teams to automate evidence-based actions while helping individual agents to reach their top performance.

The human element

What's our secret? Great people.

Our leadership consists of PhDs and managers with long experience working with data and customer service related solutions.

Our values

Continuous improvement

We are always strivig to learn, grow and evolve both as individuals and as an organisation


We hold ourselves to the highest level of quality and excellence in every aspect of our business

Customer centric

We put our customers' needs and desires at the forefront of all our business decisions and actions

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