Exacctly Advise™ formulates adequate answers
to customer requests and push them right in front of support
agents so they can reply in record time.
Help support agent answer
customers in a breeze

Exacctly Advise™


Boost agent productivity and knowledge share to unprecedented levels
For each incoming message, Advise™ suggests multiple answers inferred from semantically similar conversations in the ticket log. Advise™ enables support agents to be a way more productive as they can effortlessly leverage the support knowledge base.
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Harness the power of customer support knowledge sharing
Exacctly Advise™ frees support agents from endless searches and provides answers based on the tickets’ contextual and semantic similarities.
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Why Choose Exacctly Route?

Seamless Integration

Advise™ doesn’t require configuration or agent training. It lives in the ticket sidebar and works as a productivity companion

Instant suggestions

Proposed answers are shown in no time, enabling agents to be highly responsive.

Self Improvement

Whether suggested answers are applied, ignored, or rejected by the agent, the system is gonna learn from it and improve.

Leverage Support knowledge

Advise™ takes into account the history of support team conversations to make accurate answer suggestions.

Deployment options

Advise™ can be deployed on-premises or used online.

Intelligent Search

Advise™ uses state of the art text similarity technology to perform the answer search process.

boost your customer
support productivity
Let your Support team focus
on the real Job