AI-powered customer service automation in Zendesk

Businesses support their customers through websites, social media, e-mails, and short messages to name a few. Zendesk Support helps service teams manage their interactions with customers through channel aggregation and efficient support ticket management.

Zendesk Support is powered by a plethora of in-apps that help boost productivity, share knowledge, manage time, and make reports. Datasphera is delighted to announce the listing of Exacctly App on the Zendesk marketplace to help businesses better understand their customers, manage distress situations, and ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Exacctly is a cloud-based, AI-Powered customer service automation that enables customer support teams to streamline support operations and make it simple to:

  • Automate the tedious process of labeling tickets by accurately identifying issues, contexts, and emotions,
  • Route the tickets to the right agent at the right time, so the team can focus on solving problems rather than sorting them,
  • Suggest answers retrieved from similar conversations in the ticket log, so agents can effortlessly answer in record time,
  • Answer frequently asked questions and save your team valuable time,

To boost your team productivity and increase your customer satisfaction, integrate Exacctly with your Zendesk account. Exacctly app is easy to install and available on the Zendesk marketplace.