Empower your team to spot opportunities to improve support operations.

Use Exacctly Analytics™ to monitor agent performance, customer satisfaction, and support pipeline velocity and more

Exacctly Analytics™


Unified dashboard
Get a holistic picture of your support operations. Customer satisfaction and agent performance along with support pipeline metrics are gathered into a unified view.
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Customer Service Automation with AI : Exacctly SaaS analytics
AI-Powered Customer Service Automation : Exacctly SaaS analytics

Agent and Team Performance
Performance metrics visualized through time so you can spot when and why your agents
and team improve.
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Why Choose Exacctly Route?

Spot Obstacles

Analytics enables you to discover what are the obstacles that block your team.

Workflow insights

Analytics allows you to discover insights about critical situations and contexts in your support workflow.

Improve All the time

By clearly identifying what works with your team, you can implement a continuous improvement strategy.

Agent Performance Monitoring

Analytics enables you to monitor the progress of agent metrics so you can immediately tackle any decline in performance.

Customer Satisfaction Monitoring

Analytics uses sentiment and emotion analysis to monitor customer satisfaction and customer distress.

Operations Monitoring

Analytics distills the numbers to get a clear idea about the health of your operations processes.

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