Automate the Customer Service Pipeline

Exacctly leverages cutting-edge AI to help your support team redefine productivity and impress customers


AI-Powered Customer Service Automation

We are a team of passionate AI and CX Adepts working to create solutions to automate customer service and harness AI and NLU to better understand and serve customers.

Our leadership consists of PhDs and managers with long experience working with data and customer service related solutions.

DataSphera is a startup incepted to help businesses satisfy and retain their customers, build engaged support and sales teams, and achieve the best performance.

DataSphera enables service teams to automate evidence-based actions while helping individual agents to reach their top performance.

The leadership

Noureddine Loukil, Co-Founder @ Datasphera

Noureddine Loukil

Co-founder & CEO
Noureddine Loukil holds a Ph.D. in computer science and is a specialist in artificial intelligence and natural language processing. He's an IT Entrepreneur and a passionate product manager and is always excited to use technological breakthroughs and put them into useful systems deployed all around the world.

Achraf Kchaou

Co-founder & COO
Achraf Kchaou holds a Master's degree in the management of digital transformation. He was managing people and operations in IT service companies for over 15 years. Achraf is an expert in the implementation of SCRUM and PMI frameworks with a portfolio of dozens of projects for businesses in Africa and Europe.