Exacctly categorizes incoming
support tickets and routes them to the right agent
Instantly dispatch
customer requests
to the right person.

Exacctly Route™


Automatically assign support tickets to the right people for a faster resolution
Exacctly AI models perform accurate ticket classification and assignment so your team can focus on solving issues rather than sorting them.

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Streamline your support ticket pipeline
Exacctly leverages AI and NLU to perform accurate ticket labeling and routing to the right people. Your support ticket pipeline will be more fluid as issues will never amass waiting to be assigned.

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Why Choose Exacctly Route?

Fast ROI

You start perceiving results in as short as 1 week.

Category-based Routing

Route leverages categories predicted by Exacctly Tag to assign the right ticket to the right person


Route is made to understand more than 100 languages

Leverage Support knowledge

Route AI takes into account your history of ticket assignments to make accurate routing

Deployment options

Route can be deployed on-premises or used online

Intelligent Routing

Route uses cutting edge AI Ad-Hoc classification technology to perform ticket labeling and routing

boost your customer
support productivity
Let your Support team focus
on the real Job