Engage and Automate conversations with your customers

Exacctly brings in one place all conversations with customers through live chat and social media while reducing response time and boosting satisfaction

Advanced Customer Service Automation

Exacctly is an AI-powered customer service automation platform that helps improve the experience of your customers when they communicate with support teams and frontline employees.

Automated conversation tagging and ticket assignment

Exacctly Route™

Automated assignment of customer requests to the right agent
Exacctly Customer Service automation performs accurate ticket classification and assignment and enables your team to focus on solving issues rather than sorting them.
Ad-Hoc Categorization
Route™ doesn’t require labeled datasets to detect the categories and situations in your conversations. Just put down the tags you want to predict and Exacctly automates the task for you.

Tagging-based Assignment and Escalation
Route™ leverages the tags predicted for incoming conversations to assign or escalate new tickets. Just set the tags for each support agent and Exacctly will do the sort.
Real-time Routing
Route™ performs instant assignment. Tickets will never stay unassigned for more than a couple of seconds.

Suggests instant replies to customer requests

Exacctly Advise™

Share Customer Support Knowledge
For each incoming request, Advise™ helps the support agent with suggestions for solve replies. Those suggestions are searched from semantically similar conversations in the ticket history. Advise™ enables support agents to be way more productive as they can effortlessly leverage the support knowledge base
Seamless Integration
Advise™ doesn’t require configuration or agent training. It lives in the conversations sidebar and works as a productivity companion.
Instant suggestions
Suggested answers are showed in no time. Advise digs deep in the conversations log and enables agents to be highly responsive.
Continuous Improvement
Whether suggested answers are adopted, ignored, or rejected by the agent, the system will learn from it and improve.

Customer support numbers and insights

Exacctly Analytics

Monitor support pipeline velocity, agent performance, and customer satisfaction.
Unified Dashboard
Customer and agent experience along with support pipeline metrics gathered in a unified view.
Generate Insights
The metrics calculated using the conversational AI for customer service enables spotting pipeline issues and potential support blockers.
Monitor performance KPI’s
Exacctly graphs enable teams managers to monitor team performance KPI’s


How Exacctly Automates the Customer Service?

Exacctly is a Customer Service Automation platform that leverages deep learning and natural language understanding to help improve the experience of your customers when they communicate with the Your support team and frontline employees. In fact, Exacctly immediately responds to simple redundant customer issues, automates request tagging, performs ticket assignment. Besides, it provides real-time suggestions to agents and enables them to solve cases in a breeze.

AI-Powered Customer Service Automation : Exacctly Platform
AI-Powered Customer Service Automation : Exacctly Platform

Boost the Support Team with Exacctly Customer Service Automation

No More Manual Labeling

Tag™ makes labeling as easy as applying the labels you want, just once.

Automated Ticket Routing

Route™ eliminates manual ticket assignment and ensures momentary escalation of critical cases.

Satisfy your Customers

Satisfy™ allows you to monitor customer satisfaction and distress indicators in real time without any hassle.

Streamline The Support Pipeline

Respond™ solves simple cases to let your team focus on the real issues.

Easy Agent Onboarding

Advise™ helps new support agents to master the company's knowledge base through smart suggestions.

Monitor the Team Performance

Analytics dashboard tracks the most important KPI’s so you can pinpoint any performance blocker.

Boost your support
team productivity
Let your Support team focus
on the real Job!