Scale your business through exceptional customer service

Drive sales, support and marketing conversations and turn customer service into a profit center

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Deliver an exceptional customer support, every time

Respond to your customers' needs and offer them customizations and convenience. Enhance your level of customer service, create a more efficient business and increase customer's satisfaction.


Gather all your conversations in one place

Bring in one place all customer conversations through email, live chat, Facebook messenger, and Instagram DM.
By centralizing conversations from all channels, businesses can have a comprehensive view of customer interactions. This allows them to better understand customer preferences and needs, as well as quickly resolve issues.

logiciel service client multicanal
Logiciel service client - automatisation des réponses

Automate responses

Exacctly intelligent customer routing automation performs accurate conversation classification and tags customer requests to add context. Then, it manages the customer routing to the right agent or department. As a result, support teams are relieved from manual assignments and can focus on solving issues rather than sorting them.


Track and classify your customers' needs

Datasphera uses AI and NLU to accurately label and route tickets to the appropriate operator. This assures a smoother support ticket where issues will never accumulate while waiting to be assigned. Moreover, support tickets can be reassigned if the context of the conversation is changed. For example, when Datasphera detects a customer dissatisfaction and a refund request, the ticket can be assigned to a senior agent more skilled with customer satisfaction and retention.

Logiciel service client routing des conversations
Logiciel service client dashboard temps réel

Real time dashboard for a smarter customer service

By using performance KPIs, you can not only track conversation volume but also measure performance, customer satisfaction, response time, and more. These metrics provide insights into how well a business is performing in meeting customer needs and expectations.


Smarter features for a better customer service

Imagine all your features in only one tool

Fast responses

Serve your customers in no time thanks to chatbots and live chat.

Smart routing

Customer routing automation enables service teams to assign customer support requests to the right agent for a faster resolution

Sentiment detection

AI-based satisfaction tracking works even without forms

Intelligent tagging

Route uses cutting edge AI Ad-Hoc classification technology to perform ticket labeling and routing

Support chatbots

An AI links to a knowledge base to provide pre-approved responses to recurring customer inquiries.

Team performance

Track the volume of conversations in real time, measure your performance and understand your trends to improve your services.

logiciel service client integrations
Connect and sync

Easily integrate your favourite Apps

Communicate and share data, make processes more efficient and creating a seamless integration with multiple platforms.

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Vous pouvez connecter vos pages Facebook et instagram, votre site web, votre messagerie et bien d’autres.

Exacctly exploite l’IA et le NLP pour comprendre, catégoriser et attribuer les messages de vos clients aux bons agents, y compris les chatbots qui s’occuperont des messages répétitifs.


Exacctly is billed monthly based on the number of messages and agents.

Exacctly is much more than a chatbot, it’s software that automates your customer service. Exacctly allows you to create chatbots but also to manage all your customers’ requests from different communication channels, in one place.

Exacctly integrates with Prestashop, Magento and Shopify e-commerce sites and allows you to collect your customers’ data. This saves you from having to go back and forth each time your customers ask you for the status of their orders.

No installation or deployment needs to be done to use Exacctly. Exacctly is a SaaS (Software as a Service), you just need to connect to our application from your Internet browser

Your personal data is protected in encrypted storage. They can be deleted at the customer’s request.

Absolutely ! Test Exacctly without commitment or bank details. We are sure you will like it 😉

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