Delight your customers with intelligent live support

Automate conversations on Facebook Messenger, Instagram direct messages, and live chat. Build chatbots in no time and answer customers questions instantly 24/7.

Bring conversations with your customers to one place

Centralize omnichannel conversations is the first step towards having a smooth support pipeline. Get massages from Facebook messenger, Instagram DM, Live chat, and  Email inbox in a unified thread


Automate answering questions, and focus on what matters

FAQs are bullet-proof automation to answer repetitive requests. When more sophisticated use cases like lead generation and placing orders are required, Exacctly offers unparalleled integration to BotPress, a leading chatbot design platform.

Understand what your customers are asking

Exacctly leverages advanced AI to spot the intents and sentiments in each conversation. When sensing dissatisfaction, urgency, or specific customer requests, Exacctly automatically categorizes and assigns tickets to the right agent.


Updated information for effective operations

A dashboard with real-time updated support volumes along with agent productivity and channel performance. Efficient customer service begins by having the right data at your fingertips.

Integrate Exacctly with your favorite platforms and tools

Boost your customer support operations by connecting your favorite tools. Easily connect with Zendesk, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Dm, Live chat, Email, Zapier, Botpress, Dialogflow, CRMs, and more.


Intelligent features for a premium customer support

Instant replies

Answer customers in no time with powerful chatbots

Fast routing

Ensure every ticket is assigned to the right agent.

Sentiment analysis

AI-based satisfaction monitoring works even without surveys.

Auto tagging

Automatically tag and assign conversations to the right agent.

Helper Chatbots

Activate chatbots to answer customers' questions or to help agents with suggestions.

Team Performance

Track the most important metrics and performance blockers.

Let your Support team focus on what matters.